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Premium Grass Blades

No seeding, watering, aerating, and best of all No Mowing!

Welcome to the future of grass!

Kid friendly, Pet friendly, Stress free grass that just simply looks beautiful all year round with little to no maintenance.

Let us at Premium Grass Blades educate and guide you to the right product that would suit you and your families needs.



With its deep dark green tone and

perfectly separated blades, this Premium grass can perfectly blend into any landscape design.

Premium, Commercial Grade, Heavy Duty, Galvanized Professional Hardware.

Makes DIY installation an ease.

The effortless lawn of the future

More Than just Grass


Always wanted your own putting here?

Here is the easy affordable way to build one.

Forever Green

Luxurious to the touch, beautifully ornate, rich in colour.

This premium quality turf lives up to its name. 

The Green

Installation hardware

Premium Grass Blades​

is your lawn at its best? let us help.

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